Iran: At least 11 killed and dozens injured in gas explosion at wedding

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A gas explosion that occurred at a wedding hall in Saqqez, western Iran, on Thursday, killed at least 11 people, including children, and left dozens injured.

Governor of Saqqez Kamil Karimian explained that “the accident was due to the tearing of the gas heater hose, which was used for the heating system.”

“Unfortunately, 11 people including kids and women, who were frightened, were trampled in the stampede and died. Thirty-eight people were treated in the hospital and treatment organisations,” he added.

One of the wedding guests described the panic that followed the explosion: “the first group [of people] who were getting out fell over on the ground. Other ones put their feet on them and were crossing. They were trying to exit but those who failed would fall over on the ground.”

A one-day public mourning was reportedly announced in the province following the incident.

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