Iran: Cutting-edge hardware unveiled by army’s ground force

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The Iranian Army’s ground force unveiled a series of new military breakthroughs, including advanced bomb-carrying drones, during a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday.

The new hardware includes three drones, a smart multirotor bomber, a drone fighter to counter micro drones and an anti-drone net launcher.

“Today some equipment will be delivered to operational units in the field of armoured and ground war, including SV cannons, personnel carriers equipped with anti-aircraft guns to increase its speed and use them in different fields, to use these amphibious personnel carriers equipped with anti-aircraft guns and different machine guns”, said the Deputy Commander of Army’s Ground Forces, Nozar Nemati.

Among the equipment unveiled were also a drone with net guns used to capture light-weight hostile drones, a smart drone for detection of human and vehicles, a plasma atomic emission spectroscope, and portable laser alarming systems.

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