Iran: Women allowed into football stadium after 40 years

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Between 3,500 and 4,000 Iranian women entered Tehran’s Azadi Stadium to watch their national team beat Cambodia 14-0 in the 2022 World Cup qualifier on Thursday, as female fans were allowed to enter a stadium for the first time in 40 years.

Women were seen entering the stadium cheerfully with their national team’s colours painted on their faces, as they took selfies to remark the special occasion. “We hope that this will not be the first and the last time”, said one.

Women have been banned from entering sports stadiums following 1979 Islamic revolution, despite exceptions were made on some occasions.

Tehran’s decision comes after pressure from football’s world governing body FIFA, which sent officials to monitor the women’s access to the game.

According to local sources, the 3,500 tickets initially allocated to women sold out minutes after going on sale, with an additional 1,100 tickets released later.

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