Italy: Coastguard ship carrying ‘hijacker’ migrants docks in Sicily

An Italian coastguard ship carrying migrants that Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini labelled as ‘hijackers’ docked in Sicily’s Trapani port on Thursday.

It was alleged that at least two passengers forced the original vessel which rescued them to turn away from the Libyan coastguard in order to avoid being returned to Libya.

The boat carrying 67 migrants, including women and children, were eventually delivered to the Italian coastguard vessel the ‘Diciotti’.

The ship was left in port while investigations were carried out.

A group of demonstrators gathered in Trapani port to protest against the actions of authorities.

“What I can say is that every delay, every extra hour, is always a pressure for the people on board, for the 67 migrants that once again, as a few weeks ago those on board the Aquarius, are probably victims of a political game,” said Green party politician Massimo Fundaro.

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