Italy: Enjoy Naples – Ancelotti downplays Liverpool FC warning to traveling fans

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SSC Napoli manager Carlo Ancelotti played down the safety warnings that Liverpool FC issued for their fans, in the wake of the Champions League clash between the teams in Naples. Ancelotti spoke at a press conference in Naples on Monday.

“Napoli (Naples) is not a dangerous city. Napoli is a beautiful city. The people can come here and enjoy the city, enjoy the sea, enjoy the food, and I hope so [they would] enjoy the beautiful people that live in Napoli. Naturally, some ignorant

are everywhere in the world, [and that means] also in Napoli,” he said.

Ancelotti also said that Liverpool is the club which is “the most synonymous with my greatest delusions [in football], but also with my greatest successes.”

“In terms of delusions, I’m talking about a final I lost in 1984 [as a player] at AS Roma, and a final I lost in 2005. But then, the joy of winning a final in 2007. Despite everything, I’ve always said that they are a club which inspires sympathy, especially because, for example, playing at Anfield always gives special emotions, which is unique because of the atmosphere that the Liverpool fans create in their own stadium,” he added.

Napoli is set to host Liverpool at the San Paolo Stadium in Naples on Tuesday. The kick off is set at 20:00 GMT.

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