Italy: Health officials comment on recovery of first coronavirus patients in Italy

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The Health councillor of Lazio Region Alessio D’amato commented on the recovery of the first patients diagnosed with the novel coronavirus in the country whilst praising the health system. His remarks came during a joint press conference with Deputy director of Spallanzani’s intensive care unit Luisa Marchioni and China’s consular office director in Italy Zhang Aishan in Rome on Saturday.

“As you will remember, the Chinese man who was the first case in Italy together with his wife, we can today announce that he has tested negative and is in good condition,” said D’amato.

“Good news in a serious context in which the regional health system is under pressure but the infectious disease network is reacting positively,” he added.

Deputy director of Spallanzani’s intensive care unit Luisa Marchioni gave further details regarding the improvement of patients’ health condition, saying that the male Chinese national was eating and beginning with the motor rehabilitation, while his wife was no longer intubated or in need of assisted ventilation.

Italy’s health officials were joined by the Chinese consular official Zhang Aishan who thanked Italy for the treatment of the patients and the work done by the medical staff. “We express utmost respect to the doctors and the Spallanzani community who made efforts to save the two Chinese patients who had serious conditions. With their efforts, doctors and nurses have ferried the two from risk to a trend towards total recovery,” he stated.

Saturday’s press conference regarding the deadly virus comes at a time when Italy has put dozens of towns under lockdown following the death of a second person in the Lombardy region.

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