Italy: Klopp wary of ‘San Paolo effect’ ahead of Napoli CL clash

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said he was weary of the atmosphere of the San Paolo stadium in Naples in the lead up to his team’s Champions League fixture against Napoli. Klopp spoke at a press conference in Naples on Monday.

Asked by a journalist whether he was weary of the so-called ‘San Paolo effect,’ Klopp briefly answered ‘Yes,’ drawing laughs from the media representatives.

Klopp dismissed a journalist’s remark that his squad was the best in Europe, saying that Manchester City were the best team in the world at the moment. “Last year we were really good. I’m not sure we were the best team in Europe, but we were really good in the right moments, and that’s why we won the Champions League.”

Commenting on recent misinterpreted remarks he made about the possibility of him leaving the English club due to the weather in Liverpool, Klopp dismissed it as “German humour.”

“It was obviously German humour he didn’t normally got it. The weather was never a reason for me to choose a city, and the weather in Liverpool is, yeah, not always nice,” he said. “I’m completely fine with the weather. Maybe at the moment it’s the healthiest weather in the world. We have enough rain, wind is there, always fresh air. It’s pretty much the opposite of this room, actually. And I enjoy that quite often.”

Napoli is set to host Liverpool at the San Paolo Stadium in Naples on Tuesday. The kickoff is set at 20:00 GMT.

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