Italy: Migrants sleep rough in search for seasonal jobs near Saluzzo

A recent influx of migrants into the Piedmont region of northern Italy means that up to 400 are now sleeping rough in the town of Saluzzo, according to local authorities, as seen in footage from Thursday.

Saluzzo has been host to close to 1,000 migrants with some living in shelters provided by the city hall and others sleeping on roadsides.

“We feel cold and when there is the rain we don’t have any place to go,” said a migrant from Gambia.

While migrants have been struggling with an insufficient number of shelters, harsh weather conditions, and limited access to seasonal jobs, the small Italian town is figuring out ways to walk the fine line between hospitality and exploitation of newcomers.

“The surplus of workers generates exploitation,” said member of the Anti-Racist Committee of Saluzzo, Emanuele.

“We must take care of these workers who travel across Italy looking for seasonal jobs,” he stated.

Saluzzo’s Mayor Mauro Calderoni was more optimistic saying, “the variety of crops is growing so there’s a greater need for workers.”

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