Italy: Mourinho insists ear-cupping gesture at Juve fans ‘not offensive’

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho defended his reaction at the end of his team’s game against Juventus as he spoke in a press conference following the Red Devils’ 2-1 win in Turin on Wednesday.

SOT, Jose Mourinho, Manchester United Manager (Portuguese): “You know what they (the fans) called me during 94 minutes? And the disrespect is my gesture? What they have done to me is offensive, this (the gesture) is not offensive.”

SOT, Jose Mourinho, Manchester United Manager (Portuguese): “When I work for a team like Manchester United I have to forget my past, mostly during the 90 minutes. It’s not that I’m 90 minutes thinking that I’m a former trainer of Inter, or Real Madrid, or Chelsea. The 90 minutes are only for Manchester United. But it’s them who have not forgotten.”

SOT, Jose Mourinho, Manchester United Manager (Portuguese): “They can’t hide that they want to win the Champions. There’s no way to hide it. And they don’t try to do it, they are honest, they say they want to win it and that this team is made to win. We are not, we are a growing team, with players of quality but without great experience, we are a team still looking for a balance. Their team is a team that wins six leagues in a row and buys a player like Cristiano. They want to win the Champions.”

SOT, Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus Coach (Italian): “The team played well, after Ronaldo scored we also had three other great opportunities. Football is this, there is some randomness in football, there are situations, there’s an opponent, a Champions game. So it’s normal that we need to improve, but the team has done very well tonight, in the intensity, in the defense. The team has done too well tonight’s match as intensity, we have created a lot even if we knew of the difficulties that Fellaini could give us once entered. This defeat can be painless.”

SOT, Massimiliano Allegri, Juventus Coach (Italian): “We were lucky that it happened tonight because we have to see things also from the positive side, we still have two games and passing the group is still in our hands. This evening was a good game and we did not win and this is good because we had not lost a game yet.”

SOT, Massimiliano Allegri,Juventus Coach (Italian): “You only need to be more evil when we are at the door and allow too many side punishments.”

SOT, Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus Player (Italian): “I do not remember ever having suffered a comeback like this at home for the last three minutes. Too bad because we deserved to win, we have always been masters both when we had the ball and when we did not have it. Details always make the difference, especially in champions. The match was closed first.”

SOT, Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus Player (Italian): “It is a defeat that can serve us to start again because we want to go on to June and raise many trophies. But we know that the road is long, nobody will give us anything when they play against us they do all they can to stop us.

SOT, Giorgio Chiellini, Juventus Player (Italian): We know that we must close the games, we have been in too many games ahead for a few minutes in the league, you can not always win at 90 degrees because sometimes the detail happens where you are wrong and you lose games like these that are unbelievable . But we need everything, even the defeat, to start again

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