Italy: Neapolitan supplies needy using baskets from his balcony during COVID-19 lockdown

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After charities and social projects in central Naples closed due to the coronavirus lockdown, Angelo Picone, a resident of the Santa Chiara neighbourhood, started sharing his meal with homeless people from his balcony using a “panaro”, the typical Neapolitan basket lift.

As footage filmed on Wednesday shows, his gesture became the initiative “Panaro Solidale” (Solidary Panaro), in which he leaves the baskets hanging out the balcony so other locals can contribute by putting supplies in. Those who are in need, in turn, can take them away.

“We hung the baskets with words of San Giuseppe Moscati that says ‘who has, put, who doesn’t, take’ and the baskets would fill up and empty,” says Angelo.

“It is a beautiful initiative, positive and also feasible and replicable in all the alleys of Naples for those who have the possibility, also in terms of space. I have this possibility in fact I’m going to do it too”, says a passer-by.

Naples has more than 1,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases confirmed and 148 deaths.

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