Italy: Rome’s landmark Colosseum reopens after three months

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Rome’s Colosseum reopened to the public on Monday after about three months of lockdown.

The first visitors were seen entering the landmark’s premises, after following the safety and hygiene measures put in place amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Entrance is only possible with a booked ticket, face mask and temperature check via thermo-scanners. The number of daily visitors is also limited to between 1,000 and 1,600 visitors, while social distancing rule must also be observed.

“It’s a lot of excitement,” visitor Gianni Roversi shared. “We feel like it is ours, as monument and as historical place. Sure, the tourists are missing,” he added.

“I think this crisis must be an opportunity to start thinking how to return this beauty to all the public. In a more intact way, for a sustainable tourism and for the well-being of citizens and our cities,” said the Colosseum’s Archaeological Park Director, Alfonsina Russo.

As of Monday, Italy has reported a large number of 232,997 coronavirus cases and 33,415 fatalities, as data compiled by Johns Hopkins University shows.

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