Italy: Salvini says Italian vote ‘might change Europe’s history’

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Italy’s Interior Minister and leader of the League Party cast his vote in the European parliamentary elections, in Milan on Sunday.

Speaking to journalists outside the polling station, Salvini, who teamed up with other right-wing forces such as Germany’s AfD, Finns Party of Finland and Danish People’s Party to create the European Alliance for People and Nations, said: “I am happy because for the first time in the history of European elections, the Italian vote might change Europe’s history.”

“Until five years ago you already knew the final outcome before voting, but this is the first time that Italians can shift the balance in Europe, change the rules of finance, agriculture, fishing, trade. I am convinced that in these hours someone, among the big powers in Brussels and Berlin, is very worried,” he added.

According to opinion polls the League is set to win around 30 percent of the vote and 25 seats, leaping from six percent and five seats in the 2014 European elections.

The European parliamentary elections will see around 400 million people from 28 member states elect a total of 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) between 23-26 May. Seven states already voted, with the remaining 21 voting on Sunday.

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