Italy: Timmerman invited to Democratic Party’s final rally before EU vote

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Vice-President of the European Commission and candidate of the Party of European Socialists (PSE) to the presidency, Frans Timmermans spoke at the Democratic Party’s (PD) final rally in Milan on Friday.

The Dutch politician said the predicted win of his Dutch Labour party in Thursday’s European elections in the Netherlands would be indicative of a European-wide change. “I’ve seen that everywhere is going better, it’s going well in my country too,” he told the crowd.

“PD has resumed its role of being a reasonable left-wing party with reasonable projects and with serious politicians. And this is what Italy deserves,” he added.

The European presidential candidate also criticised Italy’s resurgent populist right. “Lega and its European partners play on fear and falsehoods for a handful of votes that can have disastrous consequences.”

Timmermans was speaking at the invitation of Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala and PD Secretary Nicola Zingaretti.

Italians cast their ballots in European Parliament elections on Sunday.

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