Kazakhstan: UN Envoy Pedersen hopes next Astana format meeting will be in January

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The UN Special Envoy for Syria Geir Pedersen expressed the hope that the next Astana format talks will take place in January on the sidelines of Syrian peace talks in Nur-Sultan, formerly Astana, on Wednesday.

“It would take time, but I do believe that it should be possible for us to agree on an agenda. I have also told them that it will not be possible to call for a new meeting before we have agreed on an agenda. But hopefully it should be possible to do this maybe in January”, Pedersen said.

The head of the Syrian government Bashar Jaafari stated that the Syrian government had made the sovereign decision “to free Syrian territory from terrorism.”

“We welcome all those who are helping the Syrian government to achieve that goal. And we do not welcome those who are trying to prevent that goal from happening. That is a firm and final decision by the Syrian government and its allies,” Jaafari added.

Russia, Turkey and Iranian delegations as well as delegations from the Syrian government and Syrian opposition are holding the 14th round of talks on Syria in the Kazakh capital between December 10-11 in order to adopt a joint statement.

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