Let them eat cake! ‘Yellow Vests’ protest pastries premiere in Paris patisserie

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A bakery in the Parisian suburb of Poissy showed their solidarity with the ‘Yellow Vests’ movement in the most delicious way: with pastry! The ‘Yellow Vests’ pastries take the base of a salambo cake and add yellow frosting, cream, eyes and bright stripes.

Didier, the pastry chef at ‘Au Soleil’ bakery in Poissy, said that they began making the pastries out of support for the Yellow Vests movement, which has garnered widespread support in France.

“It pleases people, they understand that they’re made out of support for them so they buy it and they benefit from it,” he said. “Although our ‘Yellow Vests’ have a sad face, it represents what is happening right now in France.”

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