Listening Post – Under scrutiny: Selling the Iran-US nuclear deal

The historic nuclear agreement between the US and Iran was sealed a month ago – but since then, the media in both countries have become battlegrounds for fierce political debate.

Both governments are trying sell the deal – a challenge to sway public opinion in the face of loud opposition from conservative hardliners from both countries. The US and Iran are home to skeptics, conservatives who argue the risks in the agreement outweigh the benefits.

And there is also a PR push from an Israeli leader who has had plenty of airtime to state what his country has to lose from the detente.

Talking us through the story is Reza Marashi, the research director at the National Iranian American Council; Barbara Slavin, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and Washington Correspondent for Al Monitor; Iran analyst Negar Mortazavi; and Tehran University’s Mohammad Marandi.

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