LIVE: Astronauts perform spacewalk as complex ISS cosmic ray detector repair work continues

The European Space Agency’s astronaut Luca Parmitano and NASA Flight Engineer Andrew Morgan perform a spacewalk on Friday, November 22, to continue repairing the International Space Station’s (ISS) cosmic ray detector experiment module.

The spacewalk will be the second in a series of four to undertake the complex work required to repair the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (ASA). According to the plan, astronauts have to access and cut the old coolant tubes before splicing in new ones, in around 6 hours and a half, which would allow them to set up the thermal control system and perform leak checks during the remaining two spacewalks.​

Parmitano described the work as performing “open heart surgery,” before the first stage of the work was completed on Friday.

The ASA was launched in 2011 and is being used by scientists to explore the nature of antimatter, dark matter, and in turn the origins of the universe.​

Mandatory credit: NASA TV

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