Luxembourg: PM Bettel holds solo presser after booed Johnson leaves

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Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel held a press conference alone as his UK counterpart Boris Johnson didn’t join him after the Brexit talks between the two leaders ended, in Luxembourg on Monday.

Footage shows a group of protesters booing and jeering as Bettel and Johnson exit the building.

Bettel said the UK alone, not the EU, was to blame for the Brexit crisis, stressing: “Brexit is not my choice. It’s been a decision from a party, it was a decision from David Cameron to do it. They decide, they decide. I deeply regret it. But don’t put the blame on us because now they don’t know how to get out of this situation, they put themselves in.”

Bettel also said he would back an extension of Article 50 if only it would serve a purpose, adding that “we will not grant another extension just for the sake of granting another extension.”

The Luxembourg Prime Minister added that he was not sure whether Johnson would be able to pass any deal through the House of Commons.

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