Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19 | Businessweek Town Hall Live

**Join us LIVE on Wednesday, April 8th at 2:30pm ET**
There’s a national pandemic and it’s not the one you think. It’s called “Adjustment Disorder” – it’s what happens to people who are having trouble coping with everyday life as a result of a major disruption or loss.

Our Businessweek Town Hall brings together a panel of leading doctors to answer your questions about the stress and grief around coronavirus, fear of getting sick, and reactions to sudden job loss, volatile markets, and family disruption.

Hosted by:
Joel Weber, Editor-in-Chief, Bloomberg Businessweek
Cynthia Koons, Bloomberg News

Joining Businessweek:
-Dr. Mimi Winsberg, Brightside Chief Medical Officer
-Dr. Neil Leibowitz, Talkspace Chief Medical Officer
-Dr. Ken Duckworth, National Alliance on Mental Illness Chief Medical Officer
-Dr. Christine Moutier, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Chief Medical Officer

For more background on the topics covered in Wednesday’s town hall event, read Cynthina Koons’ recent Businessweek feature:

The Mental-Health-Care System Isn’t Ready for Covid-19 Either:

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