Merkel speech at 75th anniversary of Hitler assassination attempt | DW News

Seventy five years to the day since the most famous plot to kill Adolf Hitler, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at a ceremony commemorating the historical event as Germany pays tribute to the conspirators who were executed for their resistance. Merkel attended a swearing-in ceremony for hundreds of troops before the memorial service. On the morning of the 20th of July, 1944, Adolf Hitler entered the Wolf’s Lair headquarters. There, he met with generals for a strategy briefing. Colonel Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg was also present. And in his bag, he was carrying an explosive device. At 12.42pm, the bomb exploded, killing several people. But Hitler, the target of the attack, was only slightly injured. The coup had failed. The would-be assassins were executed in Berlin’s Bendlerblock.

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