Mexico: Cancun Police turn into Mariachis to spread coronavirus awareness

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Quintana Roo state police took to the streets of the popular tourist city of Cancun on Tuesday to spread awareness and preventive measures to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

“Unfortunately, some people don’t understand the message from the authorities and institutions. So what we want to do is to spread this message through the music,” explained police officer Juan Barrozo Parral at the Parque de las Palapas where the special concert took place.

The campaign, led by the Quintana Roo state authorities, took the melody from a popular Mariachi song and rearranged the lyrics to inform citizens about hygiene and preventive measures, like washing your face and avoiding crowds, that help the fight the outbreak in the Latin American country.

The campaign comes as the Mexican government announced stricter social and health restrictions over the last week as the cases of coronavirus in Mexico rose to over 1,200 with 28 related deaths reported.

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