Mexico: ‘Unfair’ – Culiacan citizens react to El Chapo’s life sentence

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Culiacan citizens accused the life sentence plus 30 years given to Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman by a US judge of being “unfair,” while speaking in the Mexican city on Wednesday.

US district Judge Brian Cogan imposed the sentence of life plus 30 years, which was compulsory under the law, at a federal court hearing in New York City on Wednesday.

“It’s a mistake. It’s a mistake as a human because he did not take anything away from anyone,” said citizen Juan de Dios Valenzuela. “He had things with sacrifice because it never was easy to accomplish this work that these people have accomplished.”

“It is unfair to me, it is too much to me, what they are doing. Yes, he did bad things, we all know it but it’s a bit unfair and too long,” said citizen Brianda Arredondo.

“He helped many people. So it would be unfair if he stayed in jail for a long time,” said citizen Maria Valencia.

62-year-old Guzman was convicted in February of 10 counts including international distribution of heroin and cocaine as well as use of firearms and money laundering.

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