Mexico’s ‘Exploding Hammer’ festival goes off with a BANG!

The small Mexican town of San Juan de la Vega celebrated its bizarre annual festival of exploding sledgehammers on Tuesday.

SOT, participant (Spanish): “this is the combination of what we call chlorate with sulphur, this is what we mix and so we do the detonations”

SOT, Arturo Cardenas, Celaya civil protection coordinator (Spanish): “Fortunately, only six have been injured and not seriously, with pure splinters and abrasions, and do not require any transfer to any medical centre.”

SOT, participant (Spanish): “Many people can take it as esotericism or whatever, but we really celebrate Saint John Baptist and everything we do based on faith and tradition more than anything”

SOT, participant (Spanish): “It is very risky, they are risking their lives but they do it with faith and a lot of devotion and if it is worth it, it is worthwhile to enjoy what they do, it is beautiful and not everyone does that”.

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