Mice crawl into ATM and chew through cash in Astana

Officers from Kazakhstan’s Forte Bank caught some unexpected intruders red-handed in Astana, Friday, after discovering that mice had found their way inside an ATM and chewed through a pile of bank notes.

“There is the whole mafia of mice,” exclaimed one of the officers.

Local employees of Forte Bank said that they had never come across such kind of “criminals” before, adding that the furry rodents were not likely to face punishment for their “crime.”

The bank did not clarify the amount of damage incurred however, reportedly, the tailed perpetrators spoiled at least 100 thousands Kazakhstani tenge (approximately $300 / €250).

In response to a journalist’s question over the accident, the bank’s press office stated that the mice were apparently seeking shelter to escape Astana’s severe weather conditions.

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