Netherlands: Alleged cyber-attackers were checking embassy network security – Russian OPCW rep

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Russia’s Permanent Representative to the OPCW Aleksandr Shulgin claimed that the alleged attempted cyber-attacker on the OPCW was in fact Russian experts checking the security of the Russian embassy’s communications network. He was speaking in an interview at The Hague on Friday.

“The purpose of their trip was to check the security of the communication networks of our embassy. This is a completely normal and common practice of diplomatic missions. Every embassy is doing this,” he said.

Shulgin also said that Britain’s and The Netherlands’ accusations of Russia being behind the attack is “a blatant provocation aimed at pushing Russia into a corner in retaliation for its active position on preventing the further politicisation of the OPCW.”

“The accusations against our people come out of nowhere,” he concluded.

The Dutch security services previously stated that they believed the disrupted cyber-attack was carried out by Russian nationals working for the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (GRU). Four Russian nationals were expelled from the Netherlands on suspicion of their involvement in the alleged attack. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova described the accusations as “big fantasies.”

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