Netherlands: Climate activists removed by police after Schiphol Airport protest

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Dutch police officers removed several Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion (XR) demonstrators as they staged a protest on Saturday in the hall of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, where they demanded “climate justice” and called on the airport to take action to curb the emissions that the aviation industry produces.

Protesters can be seen holding signs and banners, as they sang and chanted slogans, police officers can also be seen carrying away demonstrators and lead them out of the airport.

According to media reports around 100 activists took part in the protest at the airport, where they were only granted permission to demonstrate outside the building, but instead decided to stage a sit-in inside.

Flights from Schiphol, which is one of Europe’s busiest hubs with flights to more than 300 destinations, were not disrupted during the demonstration.

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