Netherlands: Museums and restaurants reopen in Amsterdam after more than 2 months

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Life returned to Amsterdam this Monday, as restaurants, bars, and museums were allowed to open for the first time since mid-March when coronavirus brought most activities to a halt.

All across the city, people were queuing up to claim their place at the slightly reduced capacity of Amsterdam’s public spaces.

“People are looking for a way out of away from their computer screen, towards something that gives them a bit of comfort and transports you a bit from the current crisis, so it’s wonderful that we can offer that again,” said Emilie Gordenker, director of the Van Gogh Museum that was part of the openings.

Tables at restaurants and terraces of bars were set at least one-and-a-half metres apart, and hand sanitizer was a mainstay of all establishments.

“We made pictures everywhere and so we are here and I am enjoying really the life here with a nice beer, so that’s my experience. The first day in normal life,” said one cheery patron.

Netherlands joins many other countries in Europe emerging from the lockdown, and has under 50,000 total cases of coronavirus.

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