Netherlands: Syrian refugee turns his room into Dutch dictionary

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Syrian refugee Hassan Fakhade found a new way to speed up his Dutch learning process: plastering each new learned word at every corner of his room to breathe the language, as shown in footage made on Friday in The Hague.

Walls, ceiling, desks, the coffee table and even the fridge were covered by colourful stickers with Dutch words to help him achieve his goal of getting fluency in the idiom. “The very first words I learnt were ‘blankets’ and ‘pillow’. I wrote them on some large papers and then I pasted them to the wall,” says Hassan.

Hassan says the idea came when he was lying on the bed and thinking how he could improve his learning. After starting the new method, he says he won’t stop anymore. “Yes, I keep doing this. Every day I learn new words,” adds Hassan

He was approved in the A2 exam and is now waiting for the diploma. “I found it very easy,” he added.

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