Norway: ‘It was horrible’- eyewitness recounts hijacked ambulance ramming attack in Oslo

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An eyewitness named Charlotte recounted the events of an attack that injured several people after, according to police reports, an armed man hijacked an ambulance and rammed it into pedestrians in Oslo, on Tuesday.

“The first thing that happened was that I came home to make some lunch, then I heard lots of sirens on the street outside. I am used to hearing lots of sirens because there is a fire station close to our street. But then I heard shooting and I ran to the window. First I could not see anything, but then there was more shooting and I went to the living room window, and then I saw the ambulance,” said Charlotte, who lives above the scene where the ambulance crashed.

She also recounted seeing a “big bag” of weapons on the ambulance driver’s seat. Charlotte also saw the perpetrator shooting with a “small gun” before being apprehended by police.

Footage filmed on Tuesday also shows the ambulance crashed into a wall and a heavy police presence in the area.

Several people, including two infants, were injured after the hijacked vehicle hit an elderly couple and a mother with twins in a stroller. The children were taken to hospital where they are receiving medical treatment, media reports say.

The police arrested the assailant after firing shots and wounding him. According to the police, the attacker was not critically injured.

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