Pakistan: Plane crash dead and injured rushed to Karachi hospital

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Injured passengers and bodies recovered from a deadly plane crash near Karachi were taken to Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre on Friday.

People can be seen carrying stretchers into the health facility through a crowd gathered outside the gates. Police officers deployed in the area as well as Chhipa ambulances driving by the hospital could also be spotted.

According to media reports, eight bodies, six of which were said to be of severely burnt passengers from the crash were taken to the hospital.

Earlier in the day, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane took off from Lahore and was en route to Jinnah International Airport, before crashing in the densely populated residential area of Model Colony.

The jet reportedly ran into difficulties while trying to land at the nearby airport, with the crash occurring less than a week after coronavirus-based restrictions on domestic commercial flights were lifted in Pakistan.

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