Pakistan: PM Khan warns Modi – ‘Pakistan’s army is prepared’

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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan warned India’s Prime Minister Narinder Modi that if India takes further actions against Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan will “respond,” while addressing parliament at a special session held in Muzaffarabad on Wednesday.

Khan said Pakistan’s army is “experienced” and “fully prepared” for war and said that Jammu and Kashmir’s situation is a trial for international institutions like the United Nations, that were established after WWII to “stop wars” and “to support the weak against the powerful.”

The Pakistani PM also strongly condemned the comments allegedly made by the Chief Minister of India’s Uttar Pradesh region, Yogi Adityanath: “Just listen to their statements, listen to the statement given by UP’s (Uttar Pradesh) Chief Minister where he says that they will rape Muslim women after bringing them out of their graves. How can one even think like that in a civilized world?”

Tensions have been rising between India and Pakistan over the status of Jammu and Kashmir after an Indian presidential decree on August 5 revoked Article 370 of India’s constitution which guaranteed substantial autonomy for the territory. The document banned Indians from outside the state from taking up local government jobs, buying land and permanently settling there.

The move provoked strong reactions in Pakistan, leading Islamabad’s authorities to announce they would cut bilateral trade with India and expel the Indian ambassador.


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