Pakistan: Thousands voice support to Kashmir at Independence Day rally

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Thousands of people took to streets of Pakistan twin cities of Islamabad on Pakistan’s Independence Day on Wednesday, voicing their support to the residents of the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Footage shows large numbers of people marching and driving through the streets as they wave Pakistani and Azad Kashmir flags, before making it near the Parliament in Islamabad where Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quraishi addressed the crowd.

“I ask the Indian Supreme Court that the petition from the Kashmiris is with you, do you have courage to provide justice, do you have patience to listen to them? Do you have power to decide the petition with patience or have you also bent down to the Modi government?” the Foreign Minister said.

The rally comes at a time when tensions between India and Pakistan over the status of Jammu and Kashmir are on the rise, after an Indian presidential decree on August 5 revoked Article 370 of India’s constitution which guaranteed substantial autonomy for the territory.

The move provoked strong reactions in Pakistan, leading Islamabad’s authorities to announce they would cut bilateral trade with India and expel the Indian ambassador.

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