Panama: Cocaine is in the air as 9.7 TONNES of seized drugs go up in smoke

Around 9.7 tonnes (21384.8 lbs) of drugs, predominantly cocaine and marijuana, were burned by Panamanian authorities at the Cerro Patacon landfill in the outskirts of Panama City, Friday.

SOT, Manuel Bonome, Police Commissioner (Spanish): “The national police is destroying 9.7 tons of drugs today, divided as follows; 8.7 tonnes of cocaine, 804 kgs of marihuana, and 1 ton of other drugs. We want to emphasize that here in Panama we have no place for organized crime.”

SOT, Manuel Bonome, Police Commissioner (Spanish): “All different security forces participated in these operations including border police, the navy and national police. They are all working together to fight organised crime in this country.”

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