Peru: Hundreds march in Lima in celebration of Fujimori’s pardon

Hundreds of Peruvians marched down the streets of Lima on Friday, to celebrate the decision of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski to pardon former President Alberto Fujimori.

Fujimori had served less than a half of a 25-year sentence for the crimes of corruption and human rights violations and for commanding death squads that acted from 1990 to 2000.

Kuczynski’s decision has sparked a wave of anti-government protests against the pardon all across Peru.

SOT, Alberto Zeta, Supporter of Alberto Fujimori (Spanish): “We are present is a sign of gratitude especially to our President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski for having had that noble gesture of having given the pardon to our President Alberto Fujimori who did a lot for our country.”

SOT, Maricruz Montenegro, Supporter of Alberto Fujimori (Spanish): “He is a brave man, the president of the country who will have the support of the whole country because he really has done it to seek peace and to give freedom to a man who brought forward his country, which is the Engineer Alberto Fujimori, a good president that thanks to him my region Piura went ahead.”

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