Pizza Pain? Crust the ‘doctor’ whose healing can’t be topped

Pizza owner Rafael Ganovelli offers pizza and calzones from his Buenos Aires store, but he is also self-proclaimed healer serving up a feast of good for his kneady patients, footage from Friday shows.

SOT, Lucia Guarino, Patient (Spanish): “Since starting to see Rafael I have started to improve, progressively every time I felt better, energy brought everything that could not be there before.”

SOT, Rafael Ganovelli, Healer Pizzeria (Spanish): “At the end of this pizzeria it is this place where I am now, I have this small sanctuary, I jokingly call it the doctor’s office.”

SOT, Rafael Ganovelli, Healer Pizzeria (Spanish): “If there is something on which the Lord emphasized is to cure children and animals because they also come down with sickness and they bring me many, dogs, cats and even horses.”

SOT, Rafael Ganovelli, Healer Pizzeria (Spanish): “If anyone who comes to attend would buy a pizza, it would be the pizzeria that sells the most in Argentina, because a lot of people come here to heal.”

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