Planet SOS: Transforming the way we use land and its resources

We rely on land for our food and to meet many of our basic needs. But the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says poor land-use practices are causing land degradation and desertification.

The land is losing its ability to sustain life.

Planet SOS talks to some of those trying to protect the Earth’s green bastions.

Al Jazeera’s David Mercer meets the Guatemalan villagers using the global system of land concessions to both use and protect their forest.

Emma Hayward travels to Wales where some farmers are employing sustainable practices to reduce the impact of pastoral farming.

We speak to environmental activist George Monbiot on ways of overhauling the global food system.

Nicolas Haque returns to Senegal to assess progress on the Great Green Wall, a project to restore land from east, right across to west Africa by planting trees.

Mohamed Vall explores possible solutions that could get people back to land they once abandoned when the water stopped flowing.

Planet SOS conducts a taste-test on the plant-based burger products that some are calling the future of food.

And Mereana Hond looks ahead to COP25, the climate talks taking place this year in Madrid.

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