Poland: Nationalists burn LGBT flag while marking 76th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising

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Polish nationalists marched through central Warsaw on Saturday to mark 76 years since the Warsaw Uprising against Nazi Germany.

Prior to gathering in front of the Presidential Palace, some demonstrators burned an LGBT pride flag and yelled homophobic slurs.

At 5 pm local time, sirens sounded across the city for two minutes, marking the hour that the fighting broke out on August 1, 1944.

As the sirens sounded, large crowds of attendees held up lit flares and Polish flags.

This year’s march was organised under the label “German crimes unsettled” in reference to demands for compensation for the destruction of Warsaw during the Second World War by the Nazi regime.

The Warsaw Uprising was the largest underground military operation in German-occupied Europe during the Second World War.

During the battle, around 18,000 insurgents lost their lives and 25,000 were wounded with Warsaw ultimately being almost reduced to complete ruins.

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