#Reporters: inside “Challenge 5”, a Palestinian school built next to an Israeli settlement

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This edition features a film by Liana Saleh and James Andrรฉ.
They have been to the Palestinian Territories to take a close-up look at how the 70th anniversary of the state of Israel is seen there.
Predictably it’s not positive. The Palestinians call that moment the Nakba – the Catastrophe.
Palestinian land after the 1993 Oslo accords was divided by Israel into three ZONES – A,B, and C.
Our film focusses on Zone C where Palestinian homes and land are under Israeli administration and security enforcement..
This was meant to be a precursor to a Palestinian state. This is still nowhere near becoming a realityโ€ฆ
Our film takes you through the daily lives of Palestinians, and the everyday mistreatment they have to endure. Some schools built next to Israeli settlements could be destroyed at any time.

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