Romania: PM Dancila, Juncker hopeful Bucharest will soon join Schengen zone

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Romania’s Prime Minister Vasilica Viorica Dancila said she is hopeful that her country will reach an agreement over its accession into the Schengen free-movement area of the European Union, while speaking at a joint press conference alongside European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker in Bucharest on Friday.

“We have emphasised the fact that Romania needs all the technical criteria for being accepted in the Schengen Area. During the six months of the Presidency we hope that [a] political agreement can be reached on that topic”, she said.

The politician also stressed the upcoming challenges Romania will deal with during the six-months European Union presidency, such as the elections of the EU Parliament, the multiannual financial framework and the United Kingdom’s looming withdrawal from the European Union.

Juncker expressed his hopes about the eastern European country joining the Schengen Area, and vowed to work further on persuading the most reluctant governments in Europe on Romania’s accession.

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