Russia: EMERCOM induces avalanches with artillery to protect Trans-Caucasian Highway

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EMERCOM workers in Alania, North Ossetia, are shelling avalanche-prone areas with artillery to induce avalanches and protect the Trans-Caucasian Highway, which was closed on Monday due to avalanche risks, as shown in footage released on Friday.

“Firstly, we are blocking the road so that there are no people or equipment in the path of potential avalanches. After that, avalanche workers shell [the areas] and road builders clear [the highway],” Senior shift officer of the Trans-Caucasian search and rescue unit Vyacheslav Volkov said.

“Today we were shelling, six avalanche prone areas were hit, ten avalanches were triggered,” Volkov added.

In total, 63 people and 11 pieces of equipment are involved in the work.

The Trans-Caucasian Highway is the only road which connects Russia and South Ossetia. On the site stretching from the village of Buron to the north of the Roki tunnel there are 234 avalanche-prone spots.

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