Russia: Fake news put off many fans, say England supporters ahead of WC semi-final

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English fans arriving at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for Wednesday’s World Cup semi-final said many Three Lions’ fans stayed at home instead of travelling to Russia to follow the tournament because of the “fake news” spread by British media.

“There was a documentary on British TV, you know, it was about all these guys fighting each other. That’s what put us off from coming, you know, general fans, the English fans that would normally go,” one fan said.

Another Three Lions fan said “there was some bad miss press, we talked about fake news, about how coming to Russia might be problematic for the English and that there might be hooligan problems, so a few people stayed away,” before adding “but the tournament has just been fantastic and everybody’s been very excited.”

England vs Croatia takes place on Wednesday at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium with the winner playing France in the World Cup final.

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