Russia: It’s a duck’s life! Rescue duck Woof happily at home with canine companions

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Woof the duck has no idea she’s a not a dog, in fact she’s actually the leader of a small pack of two dogs Fest and Sandy in Omsk. Not bad for a bird that was found half-dead by the side of the road!

Woof was rescued by Omsk resident Anastasia Kalmychkova when she was barely larger than the palm of a hand. Despite her reservations about bringing the duckling back to her flat to two dogs, Anastasia took Woof in. Fortunately, she did not need to worry as Sandy the dog instantly took a liking to little Woof and protected her from Fest who saw her more as a quick snack. Now they all get on just grand!

“They sleep together in the same room, they lie down, or she can just walk up and kick them off the lounger so that she could lay down instead,” Anastasia said.

Woof even seems to have either forgotten or looked past Fest’s previous behaviour and taken a shine to him.

“She has chosen him [Fest] as a boyfriend, she express her emotions towards him as a girl would,” Anastasia said, adding that Woof jealously saw Sandy off when she approached Fest.

Whatever the future may hold for Woof and Fest, Woof seems to have landed on her webbed feet.

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