Russia: Legendary Soviet actor Yuri Nikulin receives Star of Fame at Moscow State Circus

Legendary Soviet actor and clown Yuri Nikulin posthumously received a Star of Fame at the Moscow State Moscow Circus on Tuesday. His son and current leader of Nikulin’s circus on Tsvetnoi Boulevard, Maksim Nikulin, unveiled the star.

SOT, Maxim Nikulin, son of Yuri Nikulin (Russian): “It’s very pleasant that they remember my father. Because when a person passes away, the only thing that remains is the memory of them. This is a circus, and such names as Nikulin, Popov, Nugzarov, are the names that resonate today. These are people who, if not worshipped, were cult figures. Therefore, this is all understandable and pleasant. ”

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