Russia: On the move! Caravans refurnished into groovy hotels for WC 2018 fans in Kazan

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Kazan engineers showcased on Thursday an alternative housing for the 2018 World Cup fans in case of hotels overload – a mobile caravan-hotel which is compact, easy to set up and have everything for comfort living.

The mobile estate features a bedroom with a double bed, living room combined with kitchen that also serves as an entrance hall, and a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.

According to ATOMM project art-director Anastasia Abramova, the unit “can be used as a four-star hotel room” during the 2018 World Cup. It is designed for two people but can also fit two additional guests. It has water tanks, waste storage and electricity which is produced by solar panels on the ‘roof’. The price tag for the unit is at least 1.4 mln roubles (€ 20,542; $ 24,566).

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