Russia: Politics shouldn’t tarnish of World Cup – Croatia fans on ‘Glory to Ukraine’ video

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Croatia fans in Moscow on Wednesday said that sports and politics shouldn’t be mixed when asked to comment on the social media video in which Croatia defender Domagoj Vida is seen saying “Glory to Ukraine”.

The video was posted on Instagram by Croatia coach Ognjen Vukojevic shortly after Croatia had defeated Russia in the World Cup quarter-finals.

“It’s totally unacceptable. It’s absolutely unacceptable. We all love Russian people. We like Russia,” one of the Croatian fans said.

Another fan stated that “politics and sport should not be mixed, sport should remain sport.”

“What is going on between Russia and Ukraine should not tarnish the beauty of this World Cup,” another fan added.

Vida was issued a warning by FIFA over the video, while Croatia’s football federation relieved Vukojevic of his duties.

“It was definitely not a political message, but a simple thank you for all the support from Ukraine,” Vida was cited as saying in a statement published on the website of Croatia’s football federation.

England vs Croatia takes place on Wednesday at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium with the winner playing France in the World Cup final.

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