Russia: ‘Positive information, if true’ – Kolobkov on reports athletes cleared to compete

Russian Minister of Sports Pavel Kolobkov spoke to journalists in Moscow, Wednesday, commenting on the reports that WADA has cleared 95 Russian athletes of doping charges.

SOT, Pavel Kolobkov, Sports Minister of Russia (Russian): “First of all, it is not official information. This is information from New York Times, and neither WADA nor anybody else has made any statements on this. If it is true that 95 Russian athletes were cleared of any checking procedures, then it is positive information. Maybe it is because of our joint work with WADA. Because of the work of our Federation. We are working with them constantly during many years already. Same work is being done by our Federation which is working with foreign organisations and providing all necessary information. We will continue to collaborate, to work under the Russian anti-doping organisation, as well as on re-establishing our anti-doping center. And we will continue working with the foreign organisations on reinstating the rights of our athletes to participate in all competitions.”

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