Russia: Probe indicates Russian journalists killed in armed robbery in CAR

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Russian Investigative Committee Spokesperson Svetlana Petrenko commented on a Russian investigation into the killing of three Russian journalists in the Central African Republic last year, speaking in Moscow on Friday.

“At the moment, investigators are conducting complex investigative measures to find out who killed the Russian citizens,” said Petrenko.

On July 31 last year, the three Russian journalists were found dead in CAR. The Russian Foreign Ministry later identified the three as Kirill Radchenko, Alexander Rastorguev and Orkhan Dzhemal. They had been registered as tourists to work on a documentary in the country.

They were killed in an ambush near the town of Sibut. The identity of the killers remains unknown.

According to the Russian Investigative Committee, the journalists were shot during an armed robbery. “Within 23 kilometers of the city of Sibut a group of armed people of colour who spoke Arabic stopped the car,” said Petrenko.

“The Russian citizens were taken away from the car. After they refused to give up their equipment and attempted to resist, they were shot.”

Petrenko added that the driver who accompanied the Russian journalists during their fatal trip, had “no ties with the gendarmerie.”

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