Russia: Putin reveals he is still ashamed of losing note from elderly woman

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was still guilt-ridden of losing a note from an elderly woman, who dropped to her knees in front of him, speaking in Moscow on Thursday as part of his annual ‘Direct Line’ Q&A.

“To be honest, even now it is difficult to talk about it. It was in the early 2000s when I travelled a lot and when the country was in a very difficult situation,” Putin started his story.

The Russian leader said he could not forget the moment when he promised an elderly woman to solve her problem.”She mumbled something and then suddenly fell to her knees and gave me a note. I said I will certainly read it, took it, gave it to my assistants, and it was lost. I will never forget this.”

Another question addressed to the Russian president inquired how does he stay calm and polite in different situations.

“I do not think that I am so polite. Anyway, I grew up in the Leningrad neighbourhood. The outside environment in St. Petersburg calls for harmony,” he explained, adding that “often when the relations between two countries become critical, difficult or ruined, the last tool for the settlement is the relationships between the leaders. And we cannot slam the door.”

Some two million questions were submitted for Putin’s Direct Line 2019 Q&A.

The first phone-in line with President Putin took place in 2001 when he received around 400,000 questions.

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