Russia: Relatives give insight into Cosmonaut Ovchinin’s lifelong journey to space – *ARCHIVE*

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Tatiana and Svetlana Ovchinina, Aleksei Ovchinin’s mother and wife, gave an insight into his journey to become a cosmonaut, as well as their experiences back on Earth in an interview filmed almost a week before Ovchinin was forced to make an emergency landing following the failure of a booster on the Soyuz MS-10 spacecraft.

“He was a very talkative child and he always said ‘My dad works at this factory and makes engines for planes and I’m going to fly these planes.’ In 2006, he applied to become a cosmonaut,” Tatiana Ovchinina said, adding “he became a cosmonaut in 2006 and he only had his first flight in 2016.”

Svetlana Ovchinina talked about her experiences and worries back on the ground. “You’re always waiting for the phone to ring because he could call at any time when he reaches the right zone and you don’t know when he’s going to call, so you’re always waiting thinking ‘he’s going to call any minute!'” she said.

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