Russia: S-400 Triumph missile system deployed in Kaliningrad region

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The new anti-aircraft missile system S-400 Triumph assumed combat duty in the Kaliningrad region on Friday.

According to the press department of the Baltic Fleet, the anti-aircraft missile system of the new S-400 generation assumed the duty to protect the country’s western air borders.

The anti-aircraft missile regiment held a military parade before the new S-400 entered its first combat duty.

Commander of the first anti-missile battalion Vitaly Semerenko said that previously, “used to be a S300 anti-aircraft missile system at this position, which is a bit older and had fewer opportunities in terms of target shelling in the area.”

The new anti-aircraft missile system S-400 entered the Baltic Fleet in early March. It arrived at its permanent location in Kaliningrad from the Kapustin Yar test site located in the Astrakhan region, after successfully conducting initial combat shooting.

The S-400 Triumph air-defence system is designed to detect and destroy all sorts of aerial attacks. The system’s range reaches 400 kilometres (248 miles), while it is capable of targeting up to 30 kilometres high (18.6 miles).

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